Soon you will. Because than it is possible to fit your virtual clothing, equipment, or any space on your 3D avatar which will be a copy of your last upload of a 3D image of your body.

Currently I know a lot of people that purchase online 5 pieces of shirts or dresses and return free of costs all that don’t fit. This process cost a lot of money and creates unnecessary waste but companies accept those because they make or assume soon to make lots of money that compensate those costs.

Suppose you have made a 3D scan like this on Bodyhub that moves and has the same shape and dimensions like you have. There is an interface in which you can upload the digital version of equipment of clothing you consider to buy. The software helps you to show how it looks on your body and your avatar even walks around, makes squats or stretches both arms to the fingertips and other critical movements for your purpose like in sports or profession and so you can see if it still suits you. Because I also work in the field of Inclusive Design, I can imagine the software helps you simulating a wheelchair or other aid and how the clothing or equipments fits you including that wheelchair or other aid.

If you are satisfied you buy it and write a positive review if it really does in the physical world at your home. For other customers your review is important as the company also realizes and will give you a discount next time.

Do you have an own avatar in the cloud? Maybe not yet, but maybe you have essential pictures and documents already in the cloud so you can download them from the internet wherever you are. So an digital 3 or 4 or more D copy of yourself might be not so far away.

Would it not be easy for your medical doctor too if he or she forgot how you looked he or she could have a license for using your avatar. I think it would be right if the ownership is where it belongs(you) but you can decide to let others use I under your condition.

Zoekt u een expert op het gebied van ergonomie en antropometrie?

Do you have an own avatar in the cloud?
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